Who We Are

At the heart of Constant Retail is the retail powerhouse, Cymax Group.

We are leveraging the 12 years of experience in logistics, data & technology and home furnishings eCommerce. By working with leaders in the industry, we've developed platforms to help retailers and manufacturers exceed their business goals.

Building profitable
partnerships together

At Constant Retail, we want to do more than just build you a website, we want to ensure you are set up for ongoing success in the constantly evolving digital marketplace.

Our services, including our catalog integrity guarantee and your own Customer Success Manager, are built so that you'll never outgrow your eCommerce platform ever again.

Building profitable partnerships together
We know how your customers shop!

We know how your
customers shop!

Looking to offer a comprehensive service? We can help:

  • Influence your consumer through Muzeboard, our design inspiration platform
  • Access to 250K + SKUs
  • Access our platform on any device: desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Get the lowest furniture freight rates, various delivery options, real time tracking and absolutely no monthly fee.

4 Ways Consumer Shop

Brick and Mortar, Offline

Brick and Mortar - Offline

By exclusively sticking to what you do best, your business is limiting its reach. Being completely reliant upon foot traffic alone is a risky game as more than 80% of buyers are researching online before making a purchase.

Brick and Mortar - Online

Brick and Mortar - Online

So you are online, great! But have you factored in the logistics of getting the product to the customer in a cost effective and timely manner?

We’ll take the fright out of freight shipping through Freight Club, our predictive freight analytics platform.

Interior Designers and Architects

Interior Designers and Architects

You have the customer, the online presence and the skill to make homes look great, but do you have the infrastructure to get the product from the manufacturer to your customer?

We can provide you with everything you need to get products moving so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Pure Play Online

Pure Play Online

By using Constant Retail, you’ll have a fully customizable site and can access our huge catalog of over 250,000 products.

We’re providing you with the necessary skills for continuous online success.

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